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Developing Ionic/Cordova Mobile App in VS.Net 2017

Don't even think about it. One would think Microsoft should have gotten it right by now. They introduced Cordova Tools in late 2014 / early 2015? My god! It's a frakkin' pain.

Long story short: Don't even try.

Use ONLY Visual Studio Code for the front end
  • "Serve to the browser (ionic serve)" to test & debug locally as well using Ionic DevApp on the actual device(s)

  • As long as your code "<Company>.<Project>.App" is in the same folder as your other VS.Net projects, you can continue you to check-in to VSO git.

Use Ionic & Ionic Pro for UX
  • I signed up for Ionic Pro ($30 / month)

CLI is your friend - Cordova & Ionic
  • Connecting with Ionic, Adding Platforms, Building, checking in, accomplish everything from command line using Ionic & Ionic Cordova

Test on actual devices using Ionic DevApp
  • Huge pain running getting the VS.Net emulators for Android in Windows 10 nested Hyper V enabled VM.

  • Save yourself time. If Microsoft emulators can't run in a VM, what chance are you going to have running native Android emulators on Hyper V enabled VM?

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