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Our services


  • Consulting

    • Implement Followup.Today in your organization

      • Change *is* tough!  Training for Followup.Today tailored to suit your needs

    • Build your App today using Rhipheus! 

      • Rhipheus Platform – A Proprietary Cloud based PaaS Application Development Platform

      • Not just Mobile First, it’s Mobile ONLY

    • Applying innovative ideas to  Software development

      • Sherpa Method – A Proprietary Software development method that emphasizes Microservices,   Configuration over Coding, Versioned API based, Dynamic Module Deployment etc

  • Managed Services around the SaaS applications built on the Rhipheus Platform

    • Transkrib: Just bring your documents.  Back office staff will use the same SaaS platform to transcribe.

    • Eligibility: Student counseling for the rejected students. Handle Financials for the new students.


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